Video Tutorials

Quick "How To" Casedo Videos

Video 1: Organising your documents (37 seconds)

Casedo is a single space for bringing together and making sense of multiple documents. The result is a file of documents that can be opened with a single click to access information quickly and simply.

Video 1 shows how you can:

  • Use the drag n’ drop to organise your documents
  • Structure your bundle of imported documents using folders, bookmarks and highlights 
  • Continue to bring in more documents and reorganise your bundle as your case progresses

Video 2: Marking up your documents (43 seconds)

With Casedo, you can record the thoughts you have about your documents and the connections you make between them. The result is a collection of documents that have been shaped by your thinking

Video 2 shows you how to annotate documents using:

  • Bookmarks to break up documents into sections
  • Highlights for marking up important text
  • Comments for recording your thoughts as you analyse your documents
  • Links for two way cross referencing of different parts of your bundle

Video 3: Search & Navigate (42 seconds)

There are different ways to find the information you are looking for, both through searching, and best practice structuring of documents in your bundle.

Video 3 shows you how to:

  • Use the Search to find specific text in your documents
  • Use bookmarks to jump to the relevant parts of documents using the index
  • Use links to two-way navigate between cross references in your documents

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