Release Notes



Two-way links occasionally disappear 

ISSUE: Sometimes some links that have been added to a casefile disappear. In fact, the links are still in place, but they are no longer visible.
SOLUTION: Close the Document View window and re-open it this should refresh the links back onto the casefile as before. If the problem persists, restart Casedo.


Split page re-ordering

ISSUE: Splitting a document results in the new lower split document being relocated to a different segment of the casefile and not immediately beneath document the original document as intended.
SOLUTION: Unfortunately the only current solution is to manually drag the document in question back to its intended position.


Close window leads to request for licence key (Mac Only)

ISSUE: On Mac, choosing to ‘Close window’ from the File Menu results in Casedo requesting the license key.
SOLUTION: Whilst rare, this issue can be avoided by closing Casedo by other means (quit the application using the file menu or opening a new or existing bundle from the file menu)


Import of case file leads to no highlighting

ISSUE: Importing a new case file into an existing case file occasionally results in the highlighting feature no longer working.
SOLUTION: Currently this bug cannot be rectified, a new attempt to import into an unaffected copy of the casefile should be tried. To mitigate against it, ensure there is a backup copy of the casefile being imported into before any importing of another casefile takes place.


Some imported case files appear to have no content

ISSUE: Whilst using Casedo, the Document View and Index appear blank, even on scrolling.
SOLUTION: Restart Casedo and reopen the casefile.




Installing Casedo causes installation error (Mac OS Catalina o]Only) [This has been fixed in Casedo v1.1.0]

ISSUE: On installing Casedo for the first time, error dialog boxes appear warning of unsafe software.
SOLUTION: Please see our separate Knowledge Base article Installing Casedo v1.0.0 after upgrading to macOS Catalina 10.15