Release Notes

v1.4.0 – Due for release mid-August 2020


NEW Enhanced Table of Contents

ISSUE: Could not customise the table of contents
SOLUTION: You can now see lists of comments, highlights and other data. All entries will automatically be linked to the pages they reference. They will also be more responsive, allowing you to use the new features selectively and create multiple, custom lists of materials within specific folders.


NEW Import password protected PDF’s 

ISSUE: Could not import password protected PDF’s
SOLUTION: You can now import password protected PDF’s and open them in Casedo.




NEW Export PDF’s with bookmarks

ISSUE: Could not export to PDF’s with bookmarks.
SOLUTION: You can now export all existing bookmarks from the PDF document.


NEW Add table of contents 

ISSUE: Could not add table of contents.
SOLUTION: Can now go to specific sections of a document directly with an overview and organisation of the documents contents.


NEW Export for two sided printing

ISSUE: Could not export for two sided printing.
SOLUTION: You can now export double sided documents.




NEW Import Bookmarks

ISSUE: PDFs with bookmarks not being recognised on importing into Casedo
SOLUTION: Bookmarks are now recognised by Casedo on import into the Desk Space


BUG Certain bookmarked pdfs can’t be imported into Casedo 

ISSUE: Sometimes a pdf can’t be imported into Casedo because the particular type of bookmark prevents it.
SOLUTION: Open the document in question in a pdf viewer and delete the bookmarks, then import the pdf into Casedo as normal. See our Support Article for more detail.





NEW Go To Page

ISSUE: Inability to navigate to any numbered page easily without previous use of bookmarks or links
SOLUTION: New box in Document View windows, see our Support Article for more details.


NEW Exclude Pagination

ISSUE: Inability to remove pagination from specific documents.
SOLUTION: Ability to exclude pagination where needed, see our Support Article for more details.


NEW Insert Pagination

ISSUE: Inability to paginate specific pages without affecting other paginating pages.
SOLUTION: Ability to paginate specific pages by numbering them and inserting pagination accordingly.


NEW Folder Based Pagination

ISSUE: Inability to paginate folders separately
SOLUTION: With toggle pagination, Ability to paginate as many separate folders respectively by giving it tags and pagination accordingly.


FIX Splitting documents changes the order in the project index 

ISSUE: Documents changing order in the project index when they’re split.
SOLUTION: Multiple fixes have been applied to prevent this from happening.


UPDATE Limited hovering time to expand folders 

ISSUE: Folders expanded quickly when dragged into a document.
SOLUTION: Hovering time required to do this has been increased to 1 second.


FIX Closing the Casedo window does not close off the application

ISSUE: Closing the ‘whole application’ was necessary to kill the entire application.
SOLUTION: Quit the entire application by closing the Casedo window.




NEW Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

ISSUE: Inability to make recognise unreadable pdf’s.
SOLUTION: Ability make unreadable pdf’s readable by selecting the ‘recognise text’ feature, see our Support Article for more details.


BUG Two-way links occasionally disappear 

ISSUE: Sometimes some links that have been added to a Casefile disappear. In fact, the links are still in place, but they are no longer visible.
SOLUTION: Close the Document View window and re-open it this should refresh the links back onto the Casefile as before. If the problem persists, restart Casedo.


BUG Split page re-ordering [FIXED in v1.2.0]

ISSUE: Splitting a document results in the new lower split document being relocated to a different segment of the Casefile and not immediately beneath document the original document as intended.
SOLUTION: Unfortunately the only current solution is to manually drag the document in question back to its intended position.


BUG Close window leads to request for licence key (Mac Only) [FIXED in v1.2.0]

ISSUE: On Mac, choosing to ‘Close window’ from the File Menu results in Casedo requesting the license key.
CURRENT SOLUTION: Whilst rare, this issue can be avoided by closing Casedo by other means (quit the application using the file menu or opening a new or existing bundle from the file menu)


BUG Import of case file leads to no highlighting

ISSUE: Importing a new case file into an existing case file occasionally results in the highlighting feature no longer working.
SOLUTION: Currently this bug cannot be rectified, a new attempt to import into an unaffected copy of the Casefile should be tried. To mitigate against it, ensure there is a backup copy of the Casefile being imported into before any importing of another Casefile takes place.


BUG Some imported case files appear to have no content

ISSUE: Whilst using Casedo, the Document View and Index appear blank, even on scrolling.
SOLUTION: Restart Casedo and reopen the Casefile.




NEW Word Document Import & Export 

ISSUE: Inability to import and export word documents.
SOLUTION: You can now do this with ease, for more read our Support Article. 


NEW Document Merge & Split 

ISSUE: Inability to split and merge documents.
SOLUTION: You can now split and merge any document, read more on splitting documents HERE and merging documents HERE.


NEW Import Casefile into another Casefile 

ISSUE: Inability to import Casefiles into other Casefiles.
SOLUTION: You can now import Casefiles into Casefiles themselves.


BUG Installing Casedo causes installation error (Mac OS Catalina o]Only) [FIXED in v1.1.0]

ISSUE: On installing Casedo for the first time, error dialog boxes appear warning of unsafe software.
SOLUTION: Please see our separate Knowledge Base article Installing Casedo v1.0.0 after upgrading to macOS Catalina 10.15



v0.18.1 – beta


The beta programme ran for a year to July 2019.