How to use OCR in Casedo

Casedo V.1.1.0 comes with a variety of new features, and OCR functions is one of them. The latest version allows you to make unreadable pdfs readable and to do this simply:


1. Right-click on the unreadable pdf document, not the bookmark tab.


2. Select ‘Recognise text’



This will immediately prompt Casedo to start reading the document and recognising the text within it. This feature currently works best with letters and other short documents to a maximum of sixty pages in length and should take an average of 30seconds to completely recognise the text in the document. If you want to stop Casedo from searching the unreadable text mid-operation, simply press the ESC key on your keyboard. Casedo will start canceling the operation and display a message asking you to wait a few seconds.


 recognise text image 2


Remember there is currently a 60 page limit for scanning documents. However, if you want to scan a longer document within Casedo, you can always use the Split feature to split the document up into lengths that can be OCR’d and then use the Merge feature to put them back together again.