The Casedo Paperless Moot 2019 – Event Report

Paperless Moot Winner

The Casedo Paperless Moot 2019 – Event Report

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Neil Abrey

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Gizem Akilli



This year we launched the Casedo Paperless Moot— the world’s first and only digital mooting competition. We invited teams from universities across the city to prepare written submissions and present oral arguments, competing against each other to win a cash prize and exclusive access to the Casedo software for the rest of their time at university.


The 2019 Casedo Paperless Moot concerned the mock case of Re Jones & Lewis, centered around elements of land law in a family dispute. In this case, it was the question of law that arises from the legislation and case law about express and constructive trust of land — with the relevant statutes being the Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 and section 53 of the Law of Property Act 1925.


After working closely with the mooting directors at the top law schools in London and their respective law societies, Casedo invited second and third-year students from UCL, King’s College, SOAS, Queen Mary, Birkbeck and City University to prepare and present their skeleton arguments. Two students were then selected from each university by the Casedo adjudicators to advance as a team, representing their university at the finals. Many thanks to 33 Bedford Row for allowing us to run the moot from their Chambers.



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We received many impressive submissions from students across all institutions and through a very difficult judging process we are delighted to announce our winners:


  • Low Tak Yip from UCL won the Paperless Lawyer Award for being crowned the winner of the Paperless Moot.


  • Yasemin Gurdal from KCL won the Paperless Lawyer Award for coming as second place at the competition.


  • Gizem Akilli from City University & Neil Abrey from Birkbeck University won the Casedo Achievement Award for being the next best at the finals and were highly commended for their advocacy and efforts in being paperless lawyers.


The Paperless Moot was an exciting and rewarding competition to demonstrate what our vision entails for the future of the legal sector. As the moot was entirely reliant on the Casedo software, students were able to use digital tools to save time and avoid needless preparation and presentation of paper bundles. In effect, Casedo did not change the mooting process but only served to improve and support sustainable approaches to the law in practice. We are very pleased with the response we have had from students who are eager to continue working paperlessly in future moots!


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If you are a university or higher education institution interested in participating in future moots, please forward your queries as a message to


We welcome any academics and legal practitioners who would like to volunteer their time to assist in marking/and or judging the moot.


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