About Casedo

More about Casedo & our founders

Become a more productive lawyer in minutes.

Casedo is a powerful tool that simplifies the doing so that you can focus on the thinking.

What we’re building

Casedo’s intuitive workspace handles multiple documents with ease. Our interface is simpler, faster and more accurate. Continue to work how you want with your favourite tools, in a single space.

What we value

We believe there are easier ways to get things done. We value simplicity and trust. We want the least complicated route, but with highest integrity. We believe that the sustainable paperless office can be achieved. We believe that if the solution you need isn’t out there, you should create it.

Meet our team

Casedo was created to solve a problem that we had, because we realised, with surprise, that no one else had a solution. We’re smart, driven and curious. We come from a diversity of professional backgrounds, with the singular intention of creating software that will make our lives easier, and yours too.

Ross Birkbeck – Casedo Inventor

“My inspiration for Casedo came from both my needs as a lawyer and from my experience of comparable software as a video editor”

Ross is a barrister. In his journey from video editing to law, he realised he was lacking a legal toolkit comparable to that available to him in the audiovisual world. So he created one, and Casedo was born.

Ross is now both our legal touchstone and product insight and development guru.

Jim Hitch – Operations

“I’m here to bring Ross’ great idea from a concept to a coherent project into a business. I am a proud generalist and a great communicator”

Jim leads operations at Casedo, keeping the ship on track both operationally and in governance. Most recently he has owned and run a language training consultancy, sat as the Senior Independent Director on the board of a large Housing Provider and is currently a Trustee at The Pixel Fund.

George Harris – Product

“I’m responsible for translating the Casedo vision into a reality: Delivering a high quality product that will engage and improve the lives of legal professionals”

George heads up the Casedo Product – including feature development and product analytics. An Engineering graduate, George spent the first five years of his career working in Online Services at Microsoft. He left to join E-Commerce start-up Paperstone – and completely rebuilt the systems there, contributing to a five-fold increase in sales revenue. Since then he moved agency-side with his own Digital Consultancy, before becoming Analytics Director at Three Whiskey.

Peter Wilson – Finance & Investment

“I provide and account for all Casedo’s financial matters, including raising funds and communicating with investors”

Peter leads on finance and investment, not only managing money, but managing where it comes from too. Peter has a strong track record in managing and raising funds. In 1989 he produced the West End production of The Woman in Black and subsequently An Inspector Calls. He’s raised close to £20m for a variety of capital projects. At the moment he’s exploring the viability of a massive public sculpture by Sir Anthony Gormley.

Hammad Baig – Sales

“I am tasked with spreading the Casedo word. If you open multiple tabs on any PDF reader then Casedo is for you.”

Hammad is a barrister with hands on entrepreneurial experience in product startup sales which is vital to the future growth of Casedo. Prior to joining law, Hammad gained a degree in international business and marketing and founded and managed a firm distributing electronics and precious metal jewellery to a global client base across China, UAE, United States, Canada and Australia.

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