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Managing legal cases can be overwhelming

It’s a challenge to form a single view of a case that’s made up of different documents, received from various sources at different times.

Our mission
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Casedo is the legal software that combines all solicitor/lawyer paperwork into a single application

Organise & Manage Case Bundles With Ease

Instantly import your case files into a single manageable document. Organise and annotate your Bundle as you go with logical workflows designed by and tested on Lawyers.

Works Alongside Other Legal Software Solutions

Casedo installs in an instant, and perfectly complements your existing software on PC & Mac. We want to empower lawyers to use Casedo in harmony with their favourite tools.

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Casedo legal software works with other legal technology platforms


81% of our users are practising legal professionals



From chambers to law firms, universities & beyond



Perfect for small to medium sized cases


Case Annotations

Drag n' drop bookmarks, comments and links

Casedo Free Beta Statistics (updated 12th September 2019)

What Lawyers Are Saying…

Comments from professional lawyers on Casedo

Casedo is Perfectly Designed for…

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Barristers use Casedo to bring together multiple documents when preparing Advice. Documents can be sifted, annotated and linked to create a cohesive train of thought.

Casedo solicitor character


Solicitors use Casedo to manage multiple documents when conducting Client Matters. Arguments can be assembled through sorting, marking up and linking emails, contracts and case law.

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Paralegals use Casedo to manage multiple documents for researching cases. Relevant documents can be ordered, cross-linked, highlighted and bookmarked before being presented to team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Casedo?

Casedo is a workspace that can handle multiple documents with ease. You can order, reorder, link, bookmark, annotate and highlight a collection of documents as if they were a single bundle.

How much does Casedo cost?

We haven’t announced our pricing, but it is designed to be accessible and affordable for all legal professionals.

When will Casedo be released?

Casedo launched in Beta in Summer 2018. Contact us via our Beta Preview page if you’re interested in accessing it for free on PC or Mac.

Is Casedo in the cloud?

Casedo uses files on your local machine. These files could be synced to your own cloud account (e.g. Google Drive, DropBox etc.). It’s about expediency, and getting work done. Casedo is installed locally so you don’t need an internet connection to upload documents, you don’t have to wait for your documents to upload over a poor connection. You can just get on with it.

Who are the team behind Casedo?

Ross, who designed Casedo when his realised that the tool he needed didn’t exist, has brought together a team from a wide range of professional backgrounds. We all share a passion for nurturing and driving Casedo to the widest possible audience. You can find out more about the team on the About Us page.

Is Casedo suitable for large or small cases?

We see Casedo as a grab and go solution for small to medium-sized cases, much like you might create an office document on the fly to bring together a report or a quote. That said, in future we want Casedo to deal with ever larger cases.

What documents does Casedo work with?

At the moment Casedo works seamlessly with pdf documents. However, we envisage our software being able to work with an increasing number of formats as the technology progresses.

Does Casedo work on Mac and PC?

Yes. We’ve deliberately designed Casedo to work on both Windows and Mac. Each new build works on both, without a preference for either.

We’d love to hear from you…

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